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Installing a new furnace can be a stressful situation.  But with Bridgerland Heating and Air Conditioning on your side you’ll be able to sit back and let our team of professionals take all that stress away.  You won’t have to worry about an HVAC tech cutting corners or using low quality materials and ductwork (which can cause overheating and other long term issues).  We can dramatically increase your levels of comfort for years to come and lower your energy bill in a big way.


When you call Bridgerland Heating and Air Conditioning in Salt Lake County, Utah and Weber County, Utah you’ve made a great choice.  With experience is the oldest furnaces, the newest technologies, and everything in between you can be assured that we can handle your needs.


Well-maintained heating systems can last a long time, but eventually every piece of equipment will need to be replaced.  When it’s time, you’ll want a qualified and licensed team of professionals to handle the removal and replacement. Bridgerland Heating and Air Conditioning will make the replacement process absolutely painless.  Not only that, we only deal with premium manufactures to ensure that your investment will last for years and years.

“He helped us pick the right fireplace after we told him what we were looking for.  It looks great and works as it should.  I'd do business with him again.”