Keeping you cool no matter how hot it is outside


The summer months are the most common time for an air conditioning unit to break down.  This is due to the extra strain put on the air conditioner to maintain cool temperatures.  If your unit can no longer handle warm weather or is broken down completely, our friendly and helpful technicians at Bridgerland HVAC can replace it with a high quality, long lasting, and energy efficient unit.  We only use the highest quality brands.

Inspection & Maintenance

The key to protecting your air conditioning unit from breaking down in the hot Utah months is proper maintenance.  If for any reason you think that your air conditioning isn’t working correctly, you can have a Bridgerland Heating and Air tech inspect your unit with peace of mind that you are getting honest accurate information.  Many times a simple repair or basic maintenance can save you thousands of dollars down the road.


Who knew Northern Utah would always be so hot during the summer?  An air conditioner that isn’t working is your biggest nightmare during those summer months.  We understand how crucial it is to keep your family cool and comfortable throughout the hottest times of the year.

With our team of highly skilled specialists, you can be confident that no matter how big the issue, we can take care of it.


Bridgerland Heating and Air is an authorized Day & Night dealer


“He was quick to diagnose the problem and had the right parts in his van.  Within 10 minutes, the problem was fixed and the house had cool air again.  He was quick, professional, kind and knowledgeable.  Would definitely hire him again!”